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Landfire. Chapter 2. Part 1.
Dryanna always came to the same tavern. Every day she was able to. She sat in a corner, ordered a cup of mead, and watched the people coming in and out: Merchants, travellers, outlanders from the East and the kingdom of Eterntower, soldiers, or simple citizens. There was always one of them that liked to tell a story for the joy of the rest. They always told stories of war, or love, or legends; anything that came to their minds. But there was always one of them that wanted to tell the story of Darius and, despite the fact that everyone already knew it, they shut and listened. It was at this point when Dryanna used to pay more attention.
Each person used to tell a different story; even if it changed on the middle or the beginning, they all ended in the same stupid epic battle between Darius and Hunter; everyone going incredibly excited when the teller reached the part when they both became ice and fire, and melted with the elements of the earth, starting the begining of
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Landfire. Chapter 1. Part 3.
The mages of the Tower, using enchantments and spells in an old forgotten language, invoked the spirit of a dragon, which melt itself with the body and soul of Darius. He would be able to turn into a dragon at any moment he desired, and he would have the inmortal life of the first creatures that walked among the land long ago. He did not know the price he would be forced to pay in the upcoming years.
Ten years passed after theses events. The kingdom was breathing a calm and tranquility that everyone thanked Darius for it; It was on these days where letter arrived to the city of Drathy Ilien. On words were written that claimed for war and retrieval of the empire of old. The letter was signed by a man that named himself “The Dragon Hunter”, and said he was expecting him in the Windbelt, a massive gathering of mountains in the far north.
Darius, responding to this offense, formed an army and marhed to the limits of the empire, just to encounter something far beyond imag
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Landfire. Chapter1. Part2
 And then the era of the Landfire began. Darius rapidly focused his efforts on forging alliances with the powerful ones among the nobility of the kingdom. Took him longer than expected to gain their favor, due to the fact that they all were reticents to the idea of a new king in such a short time.
Darius proofed them that he wanted what was best for the stability of the kingdom, so he accessed to their terms by creating a new trading system, which promoted the naval trade and the exchange of prime items with the Reign of the East.
Five years after the conquering of Darius the kingdom, named Blirkania after his father, found itself in it´s greatest moment, economically and politically. But one goal remained far from the efforts of Darius: The Falcon Mountains.
These were on the south of the country, and they acted as a natural border with the port cities of Belingrad and Therros. According to the reports, there was a tower on top the mountains the guarded a mages guild
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Landfire. Chapter 1. Part 1
In the city of Drathy Illien, capital of Blirkania´s kingdom, people lived mostly without concerns.
The citizens had a fluid trade and a tranquil life, with not many shocks. The only thing that kept them on a mild tension was the war.
Despice of encounting themselves on a truce, the habitants of the whole kingdom, even the ones of the coastal cities of the South, far beyond the Falcon Mountains, remember with terror the last battles of the Wars of the North, ten years ago. The strife affected practically all the trade centers and pull the military budget to the ruin, including an enormous coste of human lifes to the Blirkanian army.
The actual population had been born with the war already started, because this conflict goes back long before the elders can even imagine. Around five thousand years ago, an army, commanded Darius Landfire, reached Eleria, a kingdom which its economy was built on trading with the kingdom of the Est and the western empire of Eternal Tower, far over the
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This picture seems darker than your usual style, but that works really good here. The story below has a big emotional charge; It define...

I see a little bit more of work than usual on Shepard´s armor. The lights on it look quite realistic, like if they were coming from abo...

As a start, i will say that the ehereal vision of Anderson looks fantastic here. It definitely fits with the rest of the picture. Shepa...

I can see here your progress and perfectionism. The convept it´s really funny and totally sexy. It took me a little time to figure out ...


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I will try to mess it up more than already is :)
I was checking Fishbone76 gallery, when I see a tribute to Servala, an artist that also upload pics of mass effect art. She recently left us.
She lost her fight with cancer. I feel terribly bad, but I will try to upload the next part of Landfire this sunday.
Goodbye, Romy; I wll never forget you 


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